Paige Kheylik

Junior Black Belt
In my life Taekwondo has meant a lot to me. I have been doing Taekwondo for over 9 years. I remember watching my older sister do Taekwondo when I was very young and I was excited when it was my turn to begin at the age of 4. At the time I remember trying other interests, like gymnastics and dance. But those things did not give me the same enjoyment as Taekwondo,  so I made it my full-time sport. Taekwondo has done many things for me in my life. It has helped me overcome my shyness and has given me confidence in myself. It has also allowed me to travel to many different places and meet many wonderful people that all like Taekwondo as much as I do.  One of my short-term goals in Taekwondo is to medal at this years AAU Nationals. I would like an opportunity to compete at team trials. I remember when my older sister made the AAU National team and it was a lot of fun to travel with the team to tournaments and try my best to represent the USA. I think a long term goal for me is to get better at Taekwondo to see where it can take me around the world and in life. I see Taekwondo as a honorable way to live life and I want to keep growing within the sport.
Being Jewish means being able to push through the bad times and still be able to be happy for what I have in life. I recall one of the bad moments in my middle school class, when a classmate of mine wrote Nazi signs on my paper. But at the end of class I decided to stand up for myself and now I am not being bullied anymore. I feel that being Jewish means standing up for yourself and your freedom, so no one bullies you in life.

Competitive Accomplishments
  • 2019 AAU Northern California Championships - Gold Medal
  • 2018 Canada Open Championships - Gold Medal
  • 2017 President's Cup PATU Festival -  Gold Medal
  • 2017 California State Championships – Gold Medal
  • 2016 AAU National Championships – Silver Medal
  • 2015 AAU National Championships – Bronze Medal
  • 2013 USAT National Championships – Bronze Medal