Daniil Novak

Cadet Black Belt

Taekwondo is the one and only sport activity I’ve been doing over the last 3 years. I love it with all my heart, hence I designate significant amount of my time and efforts for practice. I believe this sport make me better: it teaches me how to stay focused, how to have self-controlled and calm in difficult situations, how to progress towards your goal despite all the difficulties. Not to mention that I simply love to fight and these is legitimate way for doing that.

I’m proud of my achievements so far but at the same time I understand that these are just my first steps. My short goal is to keep winning on black belt level, my long goal is become US national team member.

My dad and all my family from dad’s side are Jews. My grandparents and my cousins live in Israel and I absolutely love this country. I visited Israel many times and I feel myself absolutely happy going there.

I think that being Jewish (even partially) is sort of like being a part of special team and I’m proud to be a part of this team. At the same time, being a member of this team obligates you to have extra responsibilities. You must be smart and strong. And that’s why I achieved good results in Taekwondo and Math.


Competitive Accomplishments
  • USAT Nationals 2018, 1st place (as a Blue Belt)
  • CA State championship 2016-2018(1st place as a Green Belt, 2nd place as Yellow and Blue)
  • CUTA Games 2018, 1st place as a black belt
  • 2018, Black Belt 1st degree