Board of Directors

Mark Lesly
Founder of Jewish American Taekwondo and Current Chairman of the Board

Grand Master Mark Lesly is an 8th Dan Kukkiwon who is proud to be a founder of Jewish American Taekwondo, and to serve as its first Chairman of the Board. Grand Master Lesly also serves as the Chair for Maccabi USA Taekwondo, and selected the athletes and coach that competed in Israel at the 2017 World Maccabiah. Previously he has served as the Vice President of the NJ State Taekwondo Association, Vice President of the National Association of State Taekwondo Organizations, and Northeast Regional Director for the National Collegiate Taekwondo Association. He is a founding member of the East Coast Taekwondo Conference and served as the Chairman of the Board for that organization for ten years. He founded the NYU Sport Taekwondo Club in 1987 and continues to serve as their Head Coach. GM Lesly was also the USA National Forms Champion in 1996.

Lois Schoenbrun
Treasurer and Board Member

Master Lois Schoenbrun is a founding member of Jewish American Taekwondo and serves as Treasurer on the interim/founding Board of Directors. Master Schoenbrun is 6th Dan Kukkiwon (#0524875). She is an International Referee 2nd class (kyroogi #060-0022) and Certified Level 2 Poomse Referee (#P-1008). She was lead instructor and coach of the University of Maryland Taekwondo Club from 2001-2003. Since 1996, Schoenbrun has been Executive Director of the American Academy of Optometry (AAO) and American Academy of Optometry Foundation (AAOF), both 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, tax-exempt organizations. AAO represents more than 12,000 optometrists and PhD vision scientists in more than 40 countries. She lives in Orlando, FL, and is mother to one son, Yochanan (Yoki) Danoff, 2nd Dan and fabulously funny stand-up comedian in Washington, DC.

Victoria Serbin
Board Member

Master Victoria W. Serbin, 6th Dan Kukkiwon, international referee in both Kyorugi and Poomase is honored to serve on the board of Jewish American Taekwondo. Ms. Serbin previously served as the South Carolina State Referee Chair, the National Collegiate Taekwondo Referee Chair, USAT National Poomsae Coordinator, Vice Chair, USAT referee committee, Member of the USAT Referee Supervisory Board and a member of the WT (WTF) Poomsae Committee. She was also a recipient of the USAT Life Time Service Award.

Roman Sheyman
Chair of the Coaching Committee and Board Member
Roman Sheyman is honored to be a Chair of the Coaching Committee and an interim Board Member of Jewish American Taekwondo. As an athlete Roman has far-reaching experience and achievements in sports of Judo/Sambo wrestling; competing at the USSR and later at the Belarus national championships. Coming in US in the early 90’s, Roman spent almost 2 decades working in the field of Information Technology and Management; gaining experience & proficiency in business/project planning, analysis, and implementations. In 2011 Roman has co-founded Tornado Sport Club with the following programs; Taekwondo, Judo, Gymnastics. Being a head coach for Taekwondo and Judo teams, Roman has developed a number of athletes, who performed successfully (taking top places) at US National and International level competitions; this includes medals at US Open, President Cup, Pan American Open and more.
Sarah LaVan
Secretary and Board Member

Sarah LaVan is excited to serve as a Board Member and Secretary of Jewish American Taekwondo. Since beginning Taekwondo in 1982, Sarah has competed in sparring and poomsae and instructed/coached athletes from around the nation. Sarah currently holds a 6 th Dan ITF Chin Mu Kwan, 5 th Dan Kukkiwon (09900976), and Level 2 USA Taekwondo Certified Poomsae Referee (P-1050). Over the last decade, Sarah has been fortunate to earn a spot on multiple U.S. Poomsae Teams (2010 – B Team, 2011, 2012 and 2013), compete at three Poomsae World Championships (2011, 2012, 2013 – 6 th place), and compete at international competitions such as the 2011 U.S. Open (Gold and Silver) and 2009 Pamplona Spain Open (Silver and Bronze). Sarah lives in Michigan, where she works for the State Department of Education, coaches Michigan State University’s Taekwondo Club and serves as Vice President of Michigan’s State Taekwondo Association (Michigan Sport Taekwondo).

Jamie Drescher
Board Member

Miss Jamie Drescher is excited to be not only an athlete, but also to serve as a Board Member for the newly founded Jewish American Taekwondo. Jamie is a 3rd Dan Black Belt, spending the last 18 years training. Her most recent accomplishment was earning a bronze medal in the 2017 World Maccabi Games this past summer in Israel. Her other accomplishments include earning over 75 medals nationally, as earning the title ‘Grand Champion of Traditional Forms, Women’s Sparring, And Traditional Weapons’ for the 2015 NY Tournament circuit. Jamie also enjoys training in boxing, and kickboxing in her spare time.